Refund Policy

- Upon purchasing Silk(premium currency) on Acromus Online, you are bound to our official Refund Policy.
- Refunds, in any circumstance, independent of server population, stability, age, etc., are absolutely prohibited and you will not be eligible for a refund.
- Please be sure that you are positive that you will not regret your purchase, and be careful when making your purchase to avoid a wrong selection. Be completely sure about the actions you are about to take!

Regarding forceful refunding (chargeback): Chargeback is completely unacceptable and prohibited by the Acromus Team. Upon a chargeback attempt, your complete information (Email, IP, HWID, Username, and Character name) will be permanently blacklisted from the server, which means you will no longer be able to play (ban).
*This ban applies to the current server AND ALL FUTURE Acromus servers.
**In the case of a chargeback, we will dispute the claim and provide valid proof that you, the user, previously agreed to a purchase of (X) currency.