Acromus Online - Privacy Policy | Your data and its usage!

This policy will be divided into eight(8) unique sections; each relating to & clarifying your rights, collection of data, its usages, etc.

Table Of Contents -

  • Article I: The Information We Collect
  • Article II: Usage Of Your Information
  • Article III: Security Of Data
  • Article IV: Consent Of Data Obtainment & Usage
  • Article V: Information Security
  • Article VI: Information Disclosure
  • Article VII: Changes, Additions, Deletions
  • Article VIII: Contact & Dissolvement Requests

Article I: The Information We Collect

We collect and store information in four ways; via our website, our registration, our game client, and our payment processing system. Several actions within each individual platform provides us data that helps us provide the best support and quality content to you: the user.

Upon visiting our website - we collect your IP address for location interest and protection/analysis purposes(DDoS).
Upon registering an account on our website - we collect your Full Name, Email Address, Username, and Password. These are used for website user panel access and specific user identification.
Upon downloading and using our game client - We collect key identifier values of your computer, such as HWID, and more values, for identification and limit enforcement. We also collect information regarding your OS for additional library support. Your character name, donation and action history, and many other character actions are also logged while using our game client and services.
Upon donating to the server, or performing any type of payment action related to the server - Your payment provider will keep all information that is private, as private. We, under no circumstance, ever collect any payment information from you, the user. We only collect transaction identification information: for logging and possible disputing.

Article II: Usage Of Your Information

We use data in multiple ways - that include but are not limited to: advertising, limit enforcing, research purposes, and security logging.
Any information collected by Acromus can be found in Article I - along with it's specific MAIN purpose.

Article III: Security Of Data

All data that is collected by Acromus is stored very securely behind a multi-layered shield: filter, database encryption, anti-hack server protection, and much more.
Sensitive personal information is stored externally on Google, Microsoft, and Amazon servers in order for maximal security and lowest risk of leak/exposure.
You can be sure that all personal information collected by the Acromus System is completely safely stored and is unable to be accessed by anyone who does not have the proper authorities to view the information.

Article V: Information Security

Different from Data Security; Information Providation Security is a moral and company-targeted guarantee.
We, the Acromus Team, will never give up any information to third-party sources, unless consent has been requested first.
In the case of a merge of service or other type of third party business arrangement regarding information, you will be given prior notice on possible options on what you would like done with your information, which includes but is not limited to: dissolvement, contiunance of providation, and modification.

Article VI: Information Disclosure

Upon no instance will the Acromus Team disclose any server to client information to any outside source.
In the case of a legal dispute, chargeback, or any type of violation that goes against our Rules & Chargeback Policy, we will use the payment information to the fullest possible extent, including legal involvement, to defend and back up the Acromus name and case.
In a legitimate legal request to provide any data outside of the default information(payment, third party) that we are authorized to disclose in a default circumstance, because of federal law and operation requirements, we will surrender any information requested by legal authorities for whatever reason it may be needed for.

Article VII: Changes, Additions, Deletions

The Acromus Team reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy in any way, shape, or form without prior notice to service consumers. It is the responsibility of the service consumer to consistently reread this policy as well as the specific updates noted(when/if they are applied) in order to assure that their rights and information are/is constantly in check.

Article VIII: Contact & Dissolvement Requests

In the case that you would like to terminate your service use and data collection with Acromus Online, you must personally contact our data administration staff at our official email: [email protected] with a formal request to terminate all information.
WARNING: If you have ever made any type of purchase with Acromus Online, we are legally required to keep the payment information along with any relative associated information until the possible dispute/chargeback statue of limitations has expired AND there is not an active dispute in progress.

If you wish to contact us with any specific questions regarding Privacy and Legal Materials, please, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]